Cash For Clunkers – Now’s the Time to Trade Up

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Cash for clunkers is just the break that many Americans have been waiting for. Not only do they get to help the environment and save gas, but they also get a brand new car in the process. If a new car has been on your mind, now may just be the time to trade in that clunker for cash towards your dream car.

The main idea behind the cash for clunkers program is to get older, less fuel efficient vehicles off the road and get newer, high miles per gallon vehicles driving in their place. The first condition is that the trade in vehicle must be drivable. No towing that flooded junker you’ve been keeping for sentimental value for actual value. No rusted out classic cars are accepted either, only cars 25 years old or less and large trucks (of 8,500 to 10,000 pounds) must be 10 years or younger. To curb people from buying old junkers just for the cash back, vehicles must have been owned and insured for at least a year.

Vehicle trade in credit is based upon the gas mileage junk haulers sacramento of the old car and the increase in gas mileage in comparison to the trade in. Clunkers must get less than 18 MPG (based on EPA standards) and the new car must get at least 22 MPG. If the new car gets between 4 and 9 MPG the trade in credit is $3500. If the new car’s gas mileage improves by 10 MPG or more the trade in credit is $4500. For SUV’s or pickups the credit is $3500 for a 1 MPG improvement and $4500 for 2 MPG or more.

If you’re particularly fond of your old clunker and would hate to see anything happen to it, this is not the program for you. All vehicles traded in will be stripped of parts and the engine block rendered inoperable. Once you trade in that old clunker, say goodbye to it’s legacy.

If you’ve recently traded up your car after July 1st, don’t fret it’s not too late for you. The cash for clunkers program is retroactive to July 1st. Don’t wait, Cash for Clunkers only runs through November 1st so there has never been a better time to upgrade then now.