Does Hospice Care Mean Giving Up?

Another word for Hospice care is Palliative Care. Palliative care ensures that a person who has an incurable condition suffers as little as possible, and that all the physical, emotional and spiritual needs are satisfied.

The emphasis is on relieving and  hospice care near me easing each symptom of the illness rather than curing the disease itself, and on facilitating a peaceful and dignified death. Patients are cared for in their home or wherever they reside, close to family and friends.

Each patient has a caring team which includes a doctor, nurse, certified nurse aide, social worker, clergy and volunteers. Hospice works closely with the patient’s primary physician to coordinate the appropriate care for the patient. Hospice care provides support and education to the patient and family.

Bereavement and support groups are offered. Medicare, medical and most private insurance policies cover hospice care 100 percent, and include nursing, medications, supplies and medical equipment related to the terminal illness.

Quality of life is as important as length of life. If you feel your loved one would benefit from hospice care, don’t hesitate to discuss palliative care with your doctor. Waiting until the very end of life is unnecessary when you can give your loved one of the gift of comfort and support that hospice care provides.

Are you a caregiver? Most people who provide care for a friend or family member don’t think of themselves as a caregiver. You may not consider yourself a caregiver, but do you regularly: Make phone calls to someone to “check in” on them? Help someone make decisions about medical care? Drive a family member, friend or neighbor to doctor’s appointments?

Help someone with household chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping, lawn care, etc? Make meals for someone? Provide handson care, including bathing, help eating, toileting, or other help? Assist someone with personal business affairs, such as bill paying? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions