You have stable work and love your weekly netball game as well as being creative withcrafts.Sometimesyoujustwanttodosomethingentirelydifferenttounwind.Sometimesyoujustwanttohavefunandplayonlinegambling.


Tobeginwith,youareawarethatgamblingisaddictingandthatyoucanlosealotofmoney.You’ve been to the races with pals, and your last Christmas work party was at your localcasino, which included a delicious supper and the opportunity to “try your luck” at a game ortwo afterwards. So you understand how simple it is to keep spending in the expectation ofwinning.Onlinegamingisnodifferent.

Youbelieveyouaredisciplinedenoughtosetasidesomemoneyforthisenjoyment.Thatis,you set aside the amount of money you are willing to lose and label your online gamblingsession as entertaining. You will cease gambling once this money is depleted. However, ifyou chance to win something along the road, that’s fantastic. Consider this a bonus that youmay use towards something special, such as a new pair of shoes or funds for a vacationelsewhere. This ‘bonus’ is set away, and you continue to gamble until your initial enjoymentfunds are depleted. You can also opt to stop after a win. Stopping at any point up to yourgaminglimitispossible.



All of this became clear to you during your offline experiences at the horse races andcasinos. You witnessed firsthand some people spiraling out of control. You see, winning iswonderfulandexciting.Buttheoddswerestackedagainstthem.Theysufferedasignificantsetback.




  • Youdonotneedtotravelsinceyoucandoitfromthecomfortofyourownhomeifyouhaveacomputer,anactiveinternetconnection,andacreditordebitcard.
  • Youcanbetwheneveryouwishforfiveminutes,twohours,orlonger.

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