Improve your Health

In the past decade,Guest Posting modern workplaces´ innovative fitness and wellness programs highlighted as supereffective tools that almost automatically make office staff healthier, more productive, help reduce sick days, reduce health care costs, etc.

However, a recent Harvard study suggests that buy chaga several of these health and fitness promotion initiatives around the global workplaces, as a matter of fact, are signalling irrelevant short-term results.

The analysis of corporate wellness programs – the very first of its kind – shows that the employees of the test group working in companies with wellness programs exhibited a higher commitment to healthier behaviour, but no significant measurable, behavioural changes or differences compared to those of the control group.

After 18 months, these employees weren´t able to show better health outcomes concerning BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol, nor did they distinguish themselves by any lower sickness absence, higher job performance or lower use of health care.Lowers expectations

“We wanted to focus on the results of corporate wellness programs to help employers and politicians make informed decisions when considering investing in employee wellness.

According to our conclusions, corporate wellness programs are capable of affecting employees’ health awareness, but at the same time, our study lowers potential expectations of achieving a higher return on investment (ROI) in short terms,” Harvard research spokesman Zirui Song reports.

According to the recent Harvard study, many of the workplaces´ health and fitness
promotion initiatives show only negligible results in the short run.