Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana (Cannabis) leaf

Is marijuana a plant?

Marijuana (cannabis) is a species of plant scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa which was used by people for thousands of years in food, clothing and was utilized by the Chinese to communicate with spirits.

In the present cannabis is grown only in climates that are temperate. Its hemp is used to make garments and construction materials. Likewise, its fruits are utilized in both food and in chemicals. The cooler the climate the lesser quantity of the substances (psychoactive alkaloids) that are found in it. Another side is that it is a rich source of resins when it is grown in tropical regions.

Marijuana is among the most commonly utilized illicit drug, and is also the drug that is most likely for new users to attempt Cannabis Logistics .

Cannabis or (marijuana) contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) as the main active constituent which makes you feel high as it’s a psychoactive alkaloid. It also contains other chemical compounds that influence how your body functions, like amino acids volatile oils, an enzyme called oxidase.

A majority of people smoke the plant’s dried flowers, leaves as well as seeds and stems. It is also a possibility to mix into drinks, made into tea or inhaled using the help of a vapourizer. However it is absorbed into your body it will affect the majority of organs in the body, and also the immune and nervous system, too.

What effects does marijuana have on your body?

THC created in the body following marijuana use stimulates ‘cannabinoid-reactive receptors’ resulting in the development of marijuana-related symptoms that include physical relaxation and hyperphagia (increased appetite) as well as an increase in heart rate, diminished muscular coordination and conjunctivitis minor hallucinations and pain control. The amygdala is also stimulated by marijuana and causes users to feel a sense of excitement at anything that it encounters due to an increase in sensory. This is why high-dose users experience a decrease in their cannabinoid receptors which can cause a sense of boredom even when they are not using the drug.

Marijuana use can affect short-term memory problems because of its effects upon GABA neurotransmitter.

The short-term use of marijuana can raise your heart rate at least two times in 3 hours. It’s the reason why some suffer from an attack of the heart right after using marijuana. It may increase the rate of bleeding and lower blood pressure and alter your blood sugarlevel, too.

The long-term effects of using the drug could include chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive lung disease, an increased rate of progress of HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) as well as breast cancer and an exacerbation or recurrence of mental illness. The tolerance develops quickly in users and withdrawal has been reported.