Nuvaring Side Effects and the Class Action Lawsuit

CAAS Joins Class Action Lawsuit, Alleges Discrimination — Community Action  Agency of Somerville

In the 1970’s the onslaught of Asbestos lawsuits began. The target of the class action lawsuits have been shipbuilders, manufacturers, mining companies and construction companies. Because many of these buildings/mines/ships still stand mesothelioma and of course mesothelioma class action lawsuits continue.Mesothelioma causes death so you would think that the reward should be substantial. But of course. In actuality the average reward is $1 million. A great trade for a life! Hundreds of cases can be in a class action lawsuit and a jury may grant a $100 million as a reward since it seems like a good punishment. What does $1 million do for someone whose life is ruined?

Well not much of course, BUT belviq class action even less if they do not even get the whole $1 million. The average attorneys’ fees have been 40% of the total reward. So, the victims life is ruined and he gets $600,000 but the lawyer gets $400,000 for redundant work. This would explain why the web is dominated by class action lawyers seeking new mesothelioma clients. One name added to a list that was already going to trial = $400,000 for the lawyer.

actually states “If you are bound by the outcome of the class action, you can’t bring your own mesothelioma case and you won’t have direct control of the lawsuit (but for the ability to raise some objections about a proposed settlement or the amount of the attorney’s fees). You are also more likely to receive a lower amount of damages when your claim is grouped with so many other victims of asbestos-related disease, as awards for mesothelioma claims are generally higher than asbestosis and other asbestos-related diseases.

With a mesothelioma claim, you are probably better off on your own. You have the ability to directly control your case, attorney fees, and potential damages. But you will also have to hire and pay for your own lawyer and you won’t share in any benefits received in the mesothelioma lawsuit class action.”