Top 5 Most Highly Rated Companies for Cosmetic-Makeup Brushes to Shop from

With so many different cosmetic brush manufacturers to choose from, it could be difficult to choose which one to choose. While popularity and reputation are not the only thing to consider this is precisely what we’ll discuss within this piece. Once you’re finished reading, you’ll be familiar with the top five most highly rated cosmetic and makeup brushes sold by companies across America and brush supplier.

The top five, highest reviewed makeup and cosmetic brush companies are not ranked in any in any particular or order (in relation to each other).

Sigma Makeup – Price Range: $9.00 to $14.00 per brush:

(The extravaganza body Brush is priced at $42.00)

Sigma is a great choice for beginners as well as intermediate hobbyists looking for the entire set at the price of a moderately priced. Sigma’s individual brushes range anything from $9.00 up to $14.00 and a lot of them come in sets. While Sigma can be referred to to be a duplicate of MAC but the majority of makeup artists will state Sigma brushes are not a dupe. Sigma brushes are specifically designed for non-professional use. Some of their brushes for cosmetics are made of synthetic materials, while some are made of natural hairs. However, they offer a Vegan collection for people who prefer cruelty-free products. There have been plenty of complaints that their face brushes shed quite a bit when they are washed, and that they do bleed, and that a few customers have complained that their brushes don’t match their reviews on YouTube as well as Amazon. However, the majority of customers are satisfied with their brushes as they’re not that expensive. If you’re a bit selective, you might think about buying an expensive set from Sigma and then upgrading up to MAC brushes by brush.

MAC Price ranges from $13 to $80 for a brush:

MAC brushes come with professional brushes that last for many years and shed smaller than some brands. Although there are reviews that compare MAC to Sigma however, the majority of MAC users will affirm that they’re totally different. The brushes might feel slightly stiff or springy , but it is important to become comfortable with the brushes as you develop your application skills. Beware of buying fake MAC brushes through eBay. For more information about buying genuine brushes from MAC Visit your local MAC store or reach them via Facebook, Twitter or their official website.


e.l.f. Studio Brushes Price Band: $3.00 to $8.00 per brush:

Elf Studio Brushes are ideal for hobbyists and travelers alike who want to purchase brushes at a low cost. Elf is a brand that is well-known for its sale prices of 50% off and free shipping offers, so be sure to look for coupons on Google before purchasing. A majority of users have reported low shed but there have been complaints of bad batches, brushes that were not properly fitted or a brush that has an insecure ferrule, or a bad chemical odor that has been eliminated the brush’s handles. Brush sets cost $30.00 however they can be purchased at $15.00. Most first-time purchasers become regular customers.

Eco Tools Price range: $3.99 to $12.59 per brush:

Eco Tools are in a league of its own. Their brushes are made of non-toxic, earth-friendly and environmentally sustainable materials. The bristles are made of synthetic Taklon, their metal bands are made from recycled aluminum, and their handles are made from bamboo wood. Many customers describe that the brushes are firm, soft and soft. They have many satisfied customers.

The products are available on their website or in the stores of Walmart, Whole Foods, Target, Ulta, Rite Aid and Albersons.

Real Techniques Price Band: $6.00 to $10.00 per brush:

There isn’t much controversy about this business as the majority of their customers are happy by their purchases. The majority of customers say that the brushes are very soft and they dry quickly and don’t shed. They are also cruelty-free with bristles that are made of synthetic Taklon.