What Can A Non-Christian Take From A Religious Perspective On Christmas?

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If you haven’t yet discovered the profound world of numerology, numbers, and mystics then I dare you to try. At first I was a little skeptical of it as I’ve read my horoscope in the newspaper on many occasions and it couldn’t have been further from the truth. I took a numerology life path reading the other day and figured I would have the same results. I just couldn’t believe that someone would be able to predict anything about me using just my name and birthday, it just doesn’t seem logical by today’s standards.

Well I was in for one heck of a surprise. I answered the questions and then waited about fifteen minutes for the information to be calculated and sent back to me. What christian mysticism I found was that not only was the information describing my personality correct, but it had even predicted events that many of my goals and aspirations. First it said that I hate working for people and will likely pursue some sort of freelance career, which is exactly what I’m doing. Okay maybe a coincidence? Then it went as far as saying that I have a keen interest in spirituality but am easily swayed and that I’d likely find interest in many different religions over my lifetime. Dead on once again; I’ve been very interested in the eastern religions as well as early Christianity for quite some time now. Okay, so the coincidences are building up. The silver bullet for me was the fact that it said that when the going gets tough I’m likely to take off or find an escape like substances, it actually went as far as saying I may have problems with substances at some point in time in my life. Completely amazing, as a recovering addict I was completely knocked off my seat. There’s just no way they can send out a generic response for each birth year and expect to get results like that, there’s got to be something more going on here.

I don’t quite know what it is and how they came up with the reading but I intend to find out. If you too would like to get a free reading from the site where the story mentioned above was conducted at, just visit numerologist.com. I guarantee based on personal experience that the world of numerology, numbers, and mystics is sure to amaze you.